CupCase Gives Women a Way to Travel With Their Bras in Style

It is said that necessity is the mother of all inventions. And there are things (products, ideas, etc.) that you didn’t know you needed or that would improve your life until you were presented with them. The Internet, Lattes at Starbucks (they are truly addictive), Shoe Heaven on the 8th floor at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City (you really have to experience it to believe it! It’s nirvana! It has its own zip code!), Caller ID, fingerless winter gloves, a wallet that expands, a Manolo Blahnik sample sale, a restraining order, Vogue magazine as an App on iTunes, Prada on sale (and it’s not even the end of the season!), a Marc Jacobs handbag – all these are prime examples of things you never you needed or missed until you had to use them or saw them.

Ms. Wilson came up with the concept when she was on a business trip where she unpacked (and donned) a wrinkled bra whose crease was disturbingly visible through her shirt. For her, this was just as bad as those dreaded Visible Panty Lines. She was sure there had to be a better way to pack and protect bras while traveling. And then she invented it.

The CupCase Your Bras is a stylish, protective travel and storage case that can hold up to four bras. Shaped like an inverted cupcake top, the CupCase offers a protective place to carry your bras and comes in various stylish colors, includingPretty Purple, Hot Pink, Black , Spot on Leopard, Charming Cheetah or the coming soon- Little Black Dress. And it gets better – as most great ideas do. Although it can fit up to four bras, it sometimes does double duty as you can also fit small pieces of jewelry, a couple pairs of your La Perla undies, and some minor hair accessories. In fact it does triple duty as some very smart and enterprising women (as if there are any other type) has expanded its usage and has taken to carrying it as an small but elegant evening.

In these trying times when you pay dearly at the airport for every additional ounce/pound of luggage over the 25-pound limit, this is a godsend. Even more importantly, with the ever-increasing stories of dodgy airport baggage handlers plundering and pillaging through travelers’ luggage and stealing their cameras, watches, and virtually anything that is not nailed down, the hiding of your jewelry in a CupCase is not the worst idea yet. It’s like hiding your jewelry in plain sight – and yet not.

“Whether you’re on your way to the gym or headed on a trip around the world, you don’t want to arrive with stretched, wrinkled, crushed or otherwise damaged bras,” says Wilson. “CupCase offers an affordable solution to protect these items we cherish and for which we often pay a hefty price. We want our bras to look as fabulous as we do, and now with CupCase, they can!”

Says Kristi from Indianapolis: “I absolutely love my CupCase and can’t imagine traveling without it! I have a larger chest and have always struggled with how to safely stash my bras in my suitcase so they don’t get crushed. The CupCase fits right in and I can easily store 3-4 bras for longer trips. And I hate to put my delicates in my hotel dresser – yuck! So now I have a fun carrying case and I don’t care whether it’s seen at the security checkpoint or is laying around when the hotel maid comes in. And I can open it up right in the drawer and I’m set! Then I just zip it up and go. Love it!!”

Amber from Atlanta, Georgia ” travel a lot with my job and the CupCase makes packing so much easier. I don’t worry about how I pack my bras or locating them in my suitcase once I arrive. The CupCase is easy to find in my suitcase, it protects my bras and doesn’t take up much room. I have also packed jewelry, watches and underwear in my CupCase. Such an innovative idea that makes traveling easier.”

And aesthetics really matters because Mary from Virginia can’t say enough good things about she “love the rhinestone zipper and the little loop handle. My cupcase is going to be such a handy travel companion. My bras are just going to be one thing that I carry. I’m going to love having a safe place for my watches and pouch of earrings. It will also sit nicely on a dresser so I can just toss hair bands and my watch in there at night . It was definitely worth $25 (and I only paid $20 because I bought 5). My friends are going to love them.” -Mary, VA

CupCase Your Bras comes in two sizes – one for A/B cups and one for C/D cups and is perfectly priced at the sweet spot of the marketplace: $24.99 for one and $19.99 (each) if you buy five or more. It’s not too inexpensive and just expensive enough. For more information on the CupCase and to purchase your very own CupCase or CupCases – I’d go for more than one – go to